About June of last year, I began thinking about how one could make money making personal videos on YouTube.  Many YouTubers put their hearts into creating cogent videos that help them make sense out of an often confusing world, but that also help other people as well. Why shouldn’t creators be rewarded for their thinking and sharing? And why can’t we call be creators (if we have passionate desires)?  YouTube’s partner program is a joke for producing serious income for an overwhelming majority of quality YouTube video maker, content creators.

The key question is this: How can creative people earn money on the Internet today, especially when so many people have been conditioned to get every good information products for free. My answer to this question and the motivation for establishing ACE is that the best creators need to charge a nominal fee, and individuals will pay a nominal fee. What is a nominal fee? $10-$25 a month! That’s my conclusion, because i personally witness almost everyone frivolously spending these amounts on coffee or dangerously wasting this money on alcoholic and tobacco consumption. If creators charged these nominal fees, in fact, they might help reduce deaths resulting from alcohol and tobacco!  I just realized recently that i am no longer watching cable TV, and I’m paying about $75 a month for what i do not watch. So there is where i can find the cash to pay creators!!! How about you?


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