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When i think about all the stupid procedures that humans follow without thinking, i usually can get very worked up and stressed out. For example, how about the idiotic procedure of drinking the poison of alcohol as a “social lubricant.” One of the distinctions between the so-called attacking “terrorist” enemy and the defensive, warring Western World is alcohol use. We like to think the issue is freedom, but the “terrorist” side sees how humans react when imbibing alcohol and concludes that alcohol is a ridiculous substance to use. Sober logic would seem to confirm the judgment of our “enemy.” As an alcoholic who previously misused the substance (just as virtually anyone who has ever been drunk does), i feel such pain when i see people hooked on the substance as i was, in complete denial about it, and slowly losing creativity, friends, and vitality. When i realize that our society is constantly pushing alcohol on us as a “cool” activity, i get angry that such a conspiracy of stupidity flourishes largely unchecked. The celebrity alcoholic is always shown to be having a wonderful time — laughing, loving, just enjoying life’s precious moments. In actuality, the celebrity alcoholic is frequently spinning out of control and about to lose much that had been gained in popularity and financial assets.

What is exasperating to me is that we know alcohol causes unnecessary and inordinate numbers of deaths, yet so many individuals make fun of themselves for getting drunk (and i used to be one of them). A typical social tweet or text message might read: “Got wasted last night. Couldn’t speak coherently, but was around other drunkards, so it’s all good.” And many of us laugh — at such a sad situation. This cultural idiocy is one of the major reasons we are at war with Islamic fundamentalists. Would we willingly give up alcohol to end war? We would not be able to give up alcohol in this society unless the corporate conspiracy that promotes alcohol sales were dismantled or transformed. And it could be dismantled or transformed if each current alcohol-consuming individual made a transformative decision to lead a completely healthy life and only pursue creative bliss.

I also get angry about improperly programmed traffic signal robots that erroneously signal cars to stop and cause a build-up of a traffic line when there is no traffic, pedestrian or vehicle, in the opposing direction. What fascinates me is if i go through such a red light, when it is clearly safe to do so, a driver who is stopped will often honk his horn wildly at me. Then he will break the speed limit to race up to me and wave his “naughty finger” at me, after he has just broken the speed limit, and speed causes more accidents than safely passing through an intersection with no traffic. I have never had an accident at an intersection in over 40 years of driving, and i have gone through over an estimated 100,000 red lights. But just this process of writing helps me reduce my stress. I getting it out of my system. If enough people read this and think correctly on this issue, then possible the traffic officials and politicians will spend money on more sophisticated traffic controlling robots — like adding eyes to them and not cameras that record licenses for going through red lights even though it is safe to do so!!!


When i am able to articulate that which is bothering me in my own mind and deliver the thought outside my brain, i notice that i feel relieved. My advice is to harness anger that may be causing stress by “getting it off your chest.” If you really want to feel good about getting your message out, don’t just write to yourself. Write to a blog. Write to more than one blog. Write to a dozen blogs! (See the blog forums that i belong to in the right column.) That’s what i’m doing, and I can sense palpable stress reduction.

Reducing stress is very important to our long-term health. Richard N. Fogoros, M.D., reports: “…the surge in adrenaline caused by severe emotional stress causes the blood to clot more readily, increasing the risk of heart attacks.” So I say: try blogging as a way to reduce stress, because it works for me! BTW, when you are concentrated in writing and copying your writing into numerous blog accounts for publication, you won’t be drinking alcohol. (But if you are drinking alcohol, you will make mistakes, eventually get depressed, have a terrible hangover, and feel like you need to drink again by 5 PM the next day — i know from experience!) Take it from an experienced alcoholic, sober blogging is infinitely better for your health and the community than drinking the night away in self-indulgence.

BTW, if you don’t like to write, then make podcasts and/or videos! (I’ve included a list of podcasting and video sites at

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Control your destiny – manage google searches on you

One of the first times i used google to find a specific individual was when i needed to contact Drew Bledsoe, who at the time was the New England Quarterback for the New England Patriots, the team that had recently lost in the Super Bowl to Brett Favre’s Green Bay Packers.  I had learned that Drew’s agent at the time was Leigh Steinberg, who is often credited, as Wikipedia reports, “as the real life inspiration of the sports agent from the film JERRY MAGUIRE.”  In fact, Steinberg is often credited with creating the era and industry of the Super Sports Agent.  Steinberg, in 1998, had a sports agency partnership which he later sold to a sports management group for over $100 million.  During his multi-decade career, Steinberg represented an elite group of clients, including Super Bowl winning quarterbacks Ben Roethlisberger, Steve Young, Troy Aikman, and promising star Matt Leinart.  Okay, enough background.

My google search on Steinberg brought back at the top the following line:  “NFL Agent Leigh Steinberg Arrested for Drunk in Public …”  Now that is not the type of headline that a super-star agent should want a potential big-star client to see upon searching for an agent’s name.  This experience led me to form a business that created a number of websites for sports agents, including the agent for Barry Sanders, one of the most prolific running backs in NFL history.  But the problem was that most sports agents did not want to use the same company to develop their websites, as their business for limited stars is so competitive.  The risk of vital secret data being compromised was too great from their perspective, if one website developer handled many sports agents.  But that is another story.  Back to the google search story.

Have you tried searching on your name in quotations to see what the top google returns are?  Frequently, individuals find that rather than a promotion to CEO being highlighted, a tragic divorce rises to the top and the ugly details of the divorce proceedings, especially when disgruntled parties are involved and talk publicly. If you are not proactive at developing web content to push tangential and negative news away from top searches, you could inadvertently end up damaging your reputation, impeding business opportunities, diminishing business growth, and causing swirling rumors to spread that become impossible to contain (and haunt you for the rest of your life).  Once negativity creeps into the picture, it is frequently a losing battle to defend yourself:  The more you defend, the more guilty you look.  The less you defend, the more guilty you look.  We really want to avoid these situations if we are serious individuals passionately trying to accomplish major goals to help others.

I am exploring ways to gain mastery over the top 2 pages of google returns for a serious individual who wants to be creative and help others. When i first checked on my own name “Brad Acker,” none of the first 20 entries were mine and there were 5,200 Brad Ackers found.  After 2 months of work, most of the entries are mine, and with a continued strategy that i am employing via heuristic approach, i may soon be the only Brad Acker in the first 5 pages of google search returns on my name in another few months.  I am providing information about myself that is accurate, revealing, and that shows i am seriously committed to helping young talented artists and entrepreneurs leverage social network power to develop life-long income streams.  Any negative information or rumors started by envious individuals will not appear.  In another two months, i will have formulated a complete strategy, or the “magic formula,” to help anyone who is passionate with serious purpose to gain a natural audience and secure income streams by leveraging the new powerful resources of the social web.

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Hello world!

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